Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Firsts

So it was my first time seeing the statue of liberty
first time getting lost on the subway.
First time realizing how much New York smells.
First time going to the top of the Rockefeller center.
First time going to central park, which is like an Edan right smack in the middle of a perpetual storm. lol
first time in time square.
First time on the Manhattan bridge.
First time eating a pretzel from a street vender.
First time going into a secret back room on Channel st. in china town where they sell knock off purses.
first time on a train, where they punch your ticket the train goes, chugh chugh choo choo
First time seeing old men play chess in the park.
First time being to Albany.

Monday, July 13, 2009


So today has been a lot of firsts....
It was my first time flying on an airplane. (You know that weightlessness feeling you get when go off a drop on a roller coster well I have always liked that feeling and that is what it felt like at times on the air plane)
My first time having to wait in a ridiculous long time in a security line.
First time seeing the tops of clouds instead of the bottom of them.
First time seeing how much the ground looks like a patch work quilt from the air.
First time traveling farther than California.
First time in Chicago (even if it was just in the air port)
First time seeing one of the great lakes.
First time seeing a couple that perfectly fits the Napoleon Dynamite (who actually where a cute couple)
First time being to New York City
First time sitting next to a guy from Brazil for an hour and a half.
First time lugging my luggage across streets.
First time riding the Subway.
First time riding a public bus (which by the way was way to crowded)
First time buzzing into someone's apartment.
First time experiencing Jet lag. I just lost three hours of my day.
And I am sure this week is just the beginning of 1sts.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Girls Camp

So I went and helped Mom with girls camp for a few days. Rebecca came out and I got bored and decided I wanted to climb a tree. :D


So I have not been very good at keeping up with my blog. I just didn't feel my life has been that exciting. Anyway well I ended up being an EFY couselor for week. That was fun and a great expericance but a lot of work. 13 forteen fifteen year old girls to myself. I am glad they were all good girls otherwise I might just of had a break down. lol No but it help a whole lot.
What else, well I never did really find a job. I have done a little respite for this lady in my ward who has a down's baby and this girl Clara, but I don't know what she has. She can't really move at all, can't even swallow (she has a feeding tube) so she just sits there all day. They are both very easy, neither one really cries or anything and are just content to watch everything around them. I do feel bad for them though esspecially Clara. AJ (the down's baby) will at least grow up and be able to move and do other things, I don't think Clara ever will.
This week I have been in the valley staying with Jamie and working respite for the people I did respite for during school last semester. Chirsty and Zach do the same family and they have been the ones working there this summer but they went to a reunion in Utah for the week so I filled in. It was fun, I haven't seen Jason and Jared in a while. I forgot how funny and excited Jared can get some times.
Then tomorrow I get to go to NEW YORK with Jamie! I am so excited. I am not sure what to expect but I am sure it is going to be a blast. We are going to spend a couple of days in New York and then go visit a family from jamie's mission in Albany. While there we will travel to Palmyra and also go see the Hill Camora pagent. :D It will be great fun.