Sunday, April 27, 2008


I am a senior with a full schedule. Not many people who are seniors have a schedule like me but it will be worth it. I am taking Calculus and Adv. Bio. so that I can be valedvictorian. Right now it is between me and my Adv. Bio. teachers son, Michael Scholten.
For violin I am working on a Mozart concerto that I hope I can learn before school is out.
I have an art class at the community college, and I don't really think the teacher is a very good teacher. She never shows us how to do things she just tells us to do projects and read a book. Oh and suprisingly I am the loudest person in that class which never happens.

Crazy For You

I am in the musical called Crazy for You. It is a really fun musical with a lot of tap dancing and is acctually really funny. I am one of the follies girls or show girls. We wear bright pink with very blond wigs. It is a lot of fun. I am happy I did it even though I haven't really had time to deal with anything else in my life because I have always been at play practice. It is really fun to get to work with different people and to be getting close to everyone.