Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The last part of this year has been hecktic. The play Crazy for You is over and it kind of makes me sad but it was fun and I can have a life again. I went on a science club trip to San Diego which was fun. Then the next week was finals and then it was off to senior trip. The bus ride stunk and Mrs. fredley made sure we watched movies till three in the morning on full volume. Arggg! Six Flags was fun though and Sarah and I convinced kayla to ride the rollercosters. I think my favorite was Desa vu. Sorry I can't spell. Anyway they next day we went to Disney Land! That day Sarah Kayla Kyle and I all hung out. It was tons of fun. Then Thursday I graduated, and I think it snowed the whole time. It is a good thing it was in the gym. I had to give a speech which i think went ok, i am just not the speaking type. Then thay night was grad night. Not very many people went but Sarah and I did. I learned how to play poker which was acctually really fun although the boys kind of killed Sarah and I, who where playing as a team. I had to keep on stealing cookies from the other tables so we could keep playing (we were useing these giant cookies to bet with). lol