Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So I finally got to meet my room mate Monday after class. I like her. She is an art major wich is cool because I love to draw so we have something in common. I think we have the same times Tuesday and Thursday so we get to car pool! yay. We both tried to take a shower at the same today which kind of almost made me late, but that is ok. I guess I am reverting back to night showers. lol


So today was my second day at ASU. It was good I mean I have found all of my classes ok and I like my professors, except one of them has a french accent and it is really hard to understand her. I like my lab group for Chem. They all seem like they are willing to do stuff so nobody will end up doing everything all by themselves. My professor for my Chem lecture class is really funny, he cuses a lot though. Institute is fun and choir too. Religions of the world seems like it is going to be an exciting class but it is a lot farther away than any of my other classes. Oh and I have to buy this cps thing that you push during class so that yoy can answer questions and stuff. I guess it is for participation but this girl said that it cost her like $60 bucks to buy and register for. yuck! Oh and I still haven't gotten use to the fact that by just walking down the street I get all sticky. Oh and traffic stinks. It took me seven min just to get on the freeway. Once I was on it it wasn't too bad but jeese.
Oh Rhett McNeil this kid I in my graduating class is in my institute class and my Chemistry, so I see him every day except Friday. Which is kind of cool. The only kid I know of from Show Low going to the tempe campus at ASU and I will see him every day. Crazy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We went to the Grand Canyon for a family vaction this summer. It was cool. The canyon is absolutely huge. Even the canyons inside the canyon are big let alone the canyon itself.


So there were these squirrels that would come right up to you because they wanted you to feed them and all these people thought that was so cool. There were a lot of people from different countries and some of the languages I didn't recognize at all, I could only guess what they were. Anyway everybody was getting so excited about this squirrel and it was actually kind of funny. I guess since I grew up with squirrels running through the back yard and chasing jack rabbits on the four wheeler it wasn't as cool to me, but the other peoples reactions where really funny.

Gift shops

We had fun a lot of fun at the gift shops at the grand canyon. I actually did think about buying this cowboy hat, and a pocket knife, and a regulat hat and ... I ended up getting a five dollar bracellet that I actually don't know where is since I just moved and don't know where a lot of things are. lol We went to Sedona to go home and the gps told us to back through Flagstaff to get home so we pretty much went to Sedona for the gift shops. Honestly I was already sick of the gift shops by then, but somehow Jason got me in a good mood. The goofy kid.

Peter Pan!

I made Jason take a picture like he was flying over the Grand Canyon. He wasn't to thrilled about doing it. But I thought it would be a cool picture. At least he smiled for me.

Lazy Amber

Amber was done looking after about five min. lol She also did not like the fact we had to walk. Jason being the nice brother that he is gave her a piggy back.

Grand Canyon!

So we went to the grand canyon about three weeks ago I think. It was fun. That is one giant hole in the ground. It was a random trip too. Kind of last minute because didn't have to work. lol

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have a place to live!

i have a place to live. It is on Gilbert and the sixty. which is nice because i am pretty close to Andrea and Christy and it is right next to the 60. It is actually an apartment and I am sharing a room with another freshman to ASU but i have no idea where she is from or even her name. she hasn't moved in yet. There is only three of us total. The other girl is older and has her own. room. I like it. It is 200 a month plus a third utilities but it is nice. I have looked at other places that were not as good for more money. Hopefully I can move in this weekend when Dad can bring his truck. I can't move next weekend because I am getting my wisdom teeth out. Hopefully I am not incapacitated with giant chipmunk cheeks when I go to school the following Monday.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I have no idea where I am going to live still. I thought I was going to live with this girl but she found a house already so that is not going to happen. I am sure I can find something, and if worst comes to worst I should be able to live with one of my sisters for a while if I have too. So I guess the situation is not too bad but still. School starts in like two weeks. Yikes that is a little freaky too.