Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chirstmas tree

Awww. Isn't he such a good brother to cut down my Christmas tree for me.

So I went a bought a tree stand, but Missy and I didn't do a very good job putting it up and it is a little tilted. lol Oh well. Our tree is also very etable. We strung popcorn to put on it and put candycanes. Oh and the only lights we had were one string on pink, one green, one red. They were rejects from sorting lights for the temple for FHE.

Christmas Lights



So yesterday I had my last test in psychology. Well when I go to school I put my backpack in the back seat and take out my wallet so when I get to school I can get to my parking card easily. Well there wasn't a lot of traffic for some reason that morning and I got there early. So I decided to take a ten min nap in my car. Then I went to Chemistry. When I get to Psych I start to take out my wallet so that I can get my ASU id number off my ASU ID. Well, it wasn't there! You have to have it to turn in your test at the end of class. I was freaking out. I had forgot to put in my backpack becasue of my nap earlier that day. But guess what? They didn't make enough tests so the TA had to go run and make copies. It is a good thing my class is close to the institute building. So I was able to get my ID before they even started the test. Which I feel like I did ok on, which hopefully is true.

Embarrassing Story

Ok so the other day Missy had to go to Wal-Mart for something on the way back from FHE. Well I had to go to the bathroom. So I walk in the bathroom and I think to myself,"There aren't very many stalls in here" and then I saw the urnals....."Oh crap!" It is a good thing there was nobody in there. So I walk out and go into the girls. The only person who saw me was the Janitor, and I was laughing at myself pretty hard. Why can't they make all the stores the same direction. This particular one was exactly opposite from the one in Show Low and that includes the location of the restrooms.