Saturday, September 19, 2009

First rounds of tests

So I had my first set of tests this last week. I got a 94 on my human develpment one. I wish they could all be that easy. I felt pretty good about my Bio test but I won't find out till Monday. Neither will I know about my Microbio test eather. I really have no expectations for how well I did on that test so we will see. I stayed up till 2:30 Wed. trying to study. Knowing the heart also makes hearing about Kyson's so much more interesting and amazing, and just miraculous.
As for my social life. I hang out every so often but I have so much stuyding with two lab this year and everyone has jobs now. Or Missy who I use to hang out with all the time, but now she spends almost every day of her life with her boyfriend, Corby. He is pretty cool, just wish they wouldn't be so touchy, kissy.
Now I just have to start preparing for my next round of tests. yay....