Saturday, January 30, 2010


So I really have been slacking. So much has happened. My roomy is marring Corby in Salt Lake in June. I am going to be a brides maid. At least I will be going somewhere this summer. Those pumpkins we carved, ya they rotted on our balcony. Ya Rachel and I where the ones to throw them away...Corby and Missy didn't help, they were kind of having a mack session from our room. Rachel didn't even carve one...and one of them had magets. Gross!!! Rachel and I where pretty loud about how revolted we were but Corby and Missy couldn't see us through the glass or hear us through the open door or something.
I got straits A's in my sciences... and a B in my stupid argumentive ENG 102 class. I don't like arguments. Anywho, I made it up by taking a different Eng class over winter break, that was much more enjoyable. That and reading the entire Harry Potter series is pretty much all I did.
So now it is back to school...hmmm...and I already know what I am doing for spring break. Disney Land with the girls! I am excited.