Thursday, September 25, 2008

Christy and I

Christy and I are on the left and on the right is Christy and Zach holding hands. Aww, how cute!

Crazy Day!

Ok so this morning I got up at 5:30, like I always do on Tuesday and Thursday so that I can car pool with my roommate who has a 6:30 institute class. I don't mind going early really because A it saves me on gas money, and B I beat most of rush hour traffic (which I hate). Well right when we are about to leave, at six, my roommate realizes that she is going home today at two and I have class till two thirty so we can't drive together. I don't feel like going early so I wait till 6:45 because my class starts at 7:30. 45 minutes should be long enough to get to class. WRONG! There was so much traffic it was so annoying. I should have gone down Mclintock instead of Rural but no, I didn't. Then when I got to school I was happy because there wasn't going to be as much traffic. Wrong again! Something was wrong with the gate at the institute parking lot. It would wait like 2min between people before it would let them go through. So there was a line in both directions of traffic all the way out to Rural and University. It wasn't quite that bad when I got there but, I swear I sat there for fifteen to twenty minutes. The place wasn't even crowded when I finally got in there. Deep breaths...
Then, no my story is not over yet, I stayed up last night making sure that my lab report was good and I didn't have any mistakes. I text this girl in my group this morning, trying to figure out which box to put it in, and she tells me that it was due yesterday and that it saying Thursday was a typo. So then I am kind of freaking out about that and how upset my group was going to be at me.
Then yesterday I was doing my Religions homework and I fell asleep on the floor, and after that I did not want to do it any more. So I thought I would do it in between breaks at school. That wasn't too bad actually I had ten minuets to spare before class when I got it done, but part of the time I would have spent on that home work I spent trying to e-mail my TA for my lab to figure out whether out lab would even get graded. wow that was a run on sentence(lol)
Well after my last class I was going to go strait home but for some reason I felt like I should stop by my TA's office, even though his office hours ended twenty minutes ago while I was in class. I really didn't want to. I just wanted to get home. I did it however, and surprisingly enough he was still there. He told me because it said Thursday on the paper he wasn't grading them till tonight. I was so happy. Even if I could have figured that out Monday it gave me peace of mind to know that right then.
I all I have to say about today is that I am glad I read my scriptures and said my prayers this morning, or I probably would have run into someone or something. I would get mad at times but surprisingly I kept a pretty cool head through the day. I probably would have been in a terrible mood and freaking out if I hadn't read my scriptures this morning.
Sorry for the long ranting session but it made me feel better

test results

Ok so my reigions test wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. It have around twenty extra credit points and I got a 109 out of 100 on it. My phsychology test was good. I knew more than I thought I would. I got a 42 out of 45. It was acctually out of 50 but he curved it. Chemistry on the other hand I wish I had done better. I didn't do bad but the questions I missed were the no brainer ones. I got all the hard one right. Anyway that one I got 160 out of 200. There really were only 25 questions and I only missed four, but this one didn't get curved to many smart people. So right now I have a B but you can drop your lowest test score so I am not too worried.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So I had a Religions test on Tuesday. I studied all Monday. Then today I had a psychology test and tried to study all day yesterday. But I was sick of it so I went and played soccer for like two hours last night. Then I had to stay up till around 1:00 to finish studying. Then I had to wake up at 5:30. I was so tired today. I actually took a forty five minute nap on a chair at the institute building. lol Next week I have a chemistry test too. I also had to write my first paper in english. Just lots of things to do.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I went camping this weekend with my new ward. We went just past the rim. It was so pretty. This is when we to go throw a football in a field. We played croquet which was actually fun.

Homemade icecream in Strawberry

So on the way back home we deciede to go to Strawberry and get so homemade icecream. It was a really cute town. It was fun

Car buddies!

This is Ingrid and my roommate Missy. We rode up together. It was fun(:

Missy and I

We had a lot of fun with the pictures!

Missy and I

Boxer shorts!

When we rode up we bought these boxer shorts with hearts all over them. The were amazing. I didn't like how they looked on me so I just wore my shorts. Missy didn't like the way they looked either so she wore her pants over them and just left her pants unbuttoned so everyone could see them. lol Ingrid wore hers though. Oh and Bonnie didn't want to be in the picture so she just held the cheese in the pic. lol

Camping with MCC ward!

Missy, me, and John Dewitt.
This trip was so much fun. John was on my team for capture the flag. That was fun. We played at like midnight and used glow sitcks!

Monday, September 8, 2008


I really need to take more pictures

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Things are going good. I have my classes figured out and everything but I still have way to much free time on my hands. My roommate and I watched like four movies yesterday because neither of us had class. lol I really need to get a job, but I haven't felt that motivated. Today I have to take an english test. ): I don't really know why. Everyone who has english has to sign up for this test. It stinks. It takes two hours too.